Jumpstart Your Creativity is a one day workshop that provides a starting point for developing your own creativity. 

Creativity is inherent in every one of us, but in my experience of working with artists and crafters, as well as training people from non-creative fields, one message comes up consistently: we aren’t taught how to develop our creativity – only how to execute various techniques. The Jumpstart Your Creativity workshop is designed to bridge this gap.  

In the workshop participants each create a collage of images meaningful to them, and use this to work through a series of writing-based creative exercises designed to draw out their imagination. Through this, participants develop awareness of themes, symbols and images that are important to them, and the ability to tap into and explore their stories in everyday life. 

The workshops take place in a relaxed atmosphere in my home in Harfield Village, Cape Town, and are kept small to ensure personal attention – average 3-6 people. The dates for 2008 are Saturdays 24 May and 25 October.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me and discuss them. 

Feedback from previous participants:  

Outstanding concept!
 – Vanessa

Thoroughly enjoyable and a lovely supportive environment for sharing ideas. 
I realised that even mundane objects can spark off an idea
 – Regine

Very nice, very useful, very diverse
I didn’t know I could be creative with words
 – Audrey

A fun learning experience.
It was inspiring! Thank you.
 – Renee

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