This newsletter was created as a result of my singular passion for unlocking the creative potential we all have.

The value of creativity is increasingly being recognised in all spheres of life. Being able to access our creativity equips us to handle challenges proactively, develop flexibility and lateral thinking, and cultivate self awareness. It is an essential ingredient in a balanced lifestyle.

Creativity is inherent in every one of us, but because we don’t encounter it in our normal environs we believe it’s a rare gift only a few special people have. And through my experience of working with artists and crafters as well as teaching drawing and mosaics, one message has come up consistently: we are never taught how to develop our creativity – only how to execute various techniques. So how do we tap into our own stories?

Jumpstart Your Creativity is a Creativity Workshop I run that equips participants with the ability to tap into their own creativity, in home, work and play.

I have also written articles on creativity and its benefits (most recently published in Renaissance Magazine, Feb/Mar 07 issue), and given talks on different aspects of art.

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