Creative Ideas for Unwinding

When you find your mind stuck on a work-related issue, getting started on a the technical aspects of a creative exercise can quickly shift your focus.
Here are some ideas for simple creative exercises, as well of a couple of my favourite ‘quick’n’effective’ ways to get in touch with Me…

  • Drawing exercises – even if it’s just the couch, or what’s outside the window
  • Rewrite a communication in rhyming meter
  • Make up a song – silly or serious
  • Create a pebble mandala or draw in the sand (arranging stones in a balanced pattern always soothes my mind)
  • Singing at the top of my voice (very effective when I’m sitting in traffic :-))
  • Any craft activity – beading, decoupage, model-building, etc.
  • Cooking – trying out a new recipe, or adding a new ingredient to a recipe

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