5 Reasons go and see Chicago…

The hit musical Chicago is on at Artscape until Sunday 13 April. The 2005 run sold out, and no wonder J

This is what I loved about it…

  1. The pleasure of seeing the orchestra doing their thing – they’re out of the pit and on the stage, forming a major part of the set itself. I think it’s great to have the musicians involved in the action, rather than hidden away in the dungeons.
  2. It’s a fantastic visual spectacle. One of the things I love about the theatre is watching the set transform into different locations, and it seems Chicago does this all with lighting, using a pared down set and wasting no time on set changes. And they’ve made use of a very shallow stage that intensifies the action and keeps the pace tight.
  3. The fabulous Amra-Faye Wright, playing Velma Kelly – the press-hungry dancer who’s out-maneuvered by Roxie Hart – is just brilliant to watch. During the 2005 SA run, Wright was picked for the West End production followed by Broadway, shining South African talent around the world J
  4. The musical is a scathing indictment on media trials. First performed in 1975, the coincidental likenesses to a variety of South African ‘real life’ trials will definitely raise a few wry smiles.
  5. The theme of fame and visibility is particularly poignant in a marketing-driven, online mass-media world. Aside from the deceptive twists and turns in the bid for media attention, Pierre van Heerden (as Roxie’s hapless husband Amos) does a spine chilling rendition of “Mr Cellophane”. Lots of thought-provoking stuff in here…

All in all it’s a beautiful, powerful satire that’s immensely fun to watch. If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts too…


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