What Are You Doing Creatively?

This month I’ll be:

  • going to see Artscape’s The Merchant of Venice at Maynardville
  • spending a morning at the Design Indaba Expo (see below)
  • hosting the Jumpstart Your Creativity workshop
  • continuing to work on my creative project

Drop me a mail with your activities (or post them online)… I’m always keen to hear what my readers are up to J


3 comments so far

  1. Robynn on

    Ooh, that looks like the production I saw at Maynardville many, many moons ago. As I remember it was brilliant – enjoy!

    My creative diary looks like this:

    2 February – Silent Poetry Reading (all bloggers please join in, this is lovely)

    18 February – Stitches trade show in Birmingham; more a business date than a creativity date, but it’s bound to be full of exciting supplies, and gives me a chance to look at the amazing Bullring Selfridges, which I’ve been dying to see for years

    23 February – Teaching a moebius knitting workshop; brain go sproing!

    And possibly, 25 February, going to a Spoon gig.

    Ooh, and preparing a Fairytale Knits exhibition. Exciting times!

  2. Cara Faye on

    Hey Robynn
    Thanks for sharing – very interesting indeed.

    Maynardville was wonderful, as always (although two in our party did quit at interval :-o). And it was the best weather I’ve ever had for it – a warm, balmy evening – wore my jacket but hardly needed the blanket!

    Silent Poetry sounds (or should that be ‘reads’?) like a whole lot of fun… what did you poem?
    Good luck for Trade Show and exhibition planning 🙂

    And now could you tell us what moebius and Spoon are?

  3. Robynn on

    Oh dear… I have neglected to follow up on my comments. Sorry to leave you hanging.

    Moebius knitting is a way of knitting a moebius strip, with only one side. It’s seriously cool, clever and fun (and useful in various ways), and makes terribly pretty scarf-type things.

    Spoon is an American indie pop band. Check out this extremely cool video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nPdP1jBfxzo

    I got tickets… but we didn’t go. Foiled by illness. Very unhappy.

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