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Making Space for Daily Creativity

One of the difficulties we have with bringing creativity into our lives would seem to be the lack of creative projects available to us in our daily lives. A nice solution to this lies in looking at all aspects of our lives as part of one big creative project, and making the time to reflect on how we can bring creativity to what we do. 

Creativity Quotes
In my early life my mother tried to create a nurturing environment in which my mind could play. Her big rule was “Never lose in your imagination.” She told me that thoughts were things and that I would become the thing I thought of most. This kind of empowerment is crucial to creative thinking. – Joey Reiman, Founder of Ideation

I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life. – Miles Davis, Jazz Musician 

Making Space for Daily Creativity
Each of us is unique, and when we celebrate this, we encourage our creativity to flow. When we’re feeling special about ourselves, we have the most reverence for our ideas, and are able to give them full rein.  

I like the idea of creating a sanctuary space for yourself. This can simply be a space of time that you keep, or a physical space decorated to make you feel comfortable and remind you of the things that are truly important to you. Use this space to focus on how you can bring your creativity to meet your day to day needs.

 Although many of us feel panicky at the thought of making extra time, doing this will create the beneficial space we need. Nurturing yourself allows you to nurture the ideas you have, encouraging play between your imagination and the demands of your projects. And making time for creative play puts us in tune with our authentic and creative self, allowing us to resolve challenges faster – which makes more time for ourselves. 

Another significant benefit is that the quality of what we achieve is immeasurably improved when we bring our unique insights and ideas to the work we do – no matter what size budget we have. The results carry our personal touch, and each time we approach a project with this creative aspect, we get to know ourselves and our skills better, and grow in authenticity. 

And when you’re contemplating your tasks and projects in this sanctuary-like space, you can allow your imagination to extend – thinking best, not necessarily big. What would your most ideal solution for this challenge be? Don’t be limited by what you think you can do – before you bring in the practical constraints, take the opportunity to dream of the most interesting and satisfying possibilities. Once we’ve developed a new idea of what can be done, we can come back to the drawing board and apply our capabilities and resources to achieving the most viable solution.  

And because each of us is unique, no two solutions are the same, allowing abundant opportunity for personal expression in our daily life.

 May you find many new avenues of expression.