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Have an Imaginative Festive Season

Creativity Quote for the holiday season
The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable, because the imagination is where all invention is born – Nick Williams 

Five ideas to expand your imagination Here are some quick and not-so-quick ideas that are guaranteed to stretch your imagination…

  1. Change your perspective – look at things from high up and from lower down
  2. Spend time with a tourist, seeing your world through their eyes
  3. It’s a great time of year to do some colouring-in with a young relative, choosing colours with freedom and even making up the background
  4. Or go big and take up a creative pastime, from cooking to crafting to writing or music, even if it’s just for the holidays
  5. Try making something you’d normally buy – if you have internet access, take a scroll through Wikipedia’s how-to section at and discover a mind-expanding world of ideas for things to do. One page makes the encouraging statement “Nothing is as hard as anyone makes it out to be” and we only find out what we can do by trying J

Wishing you each a happy, rewarding festive season filled with opportunities to dream, imagine and play, and may you all start the New Year with flourish and zest.