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A bit of our own magic

Creativity seems to be on everyone’s lips lately – from take-out pizza to investment banking. ‘Thinking outside the box’ has been a buzzword in business for years now, and it seems that companies really are beginning to recognise individuals who are able to tune their creative flair to the organisation needs. But where do we begin to get out of the rut?

Take the Creative Approach
We often find ourselves in what feels like an inescapably boring, repetitive situation – a classic example is reconciling monthly accounts. We can’t change the way we do them without risking  serious consequences, so they become part of ‘the daily grind’. So how could we take a creative approach to monthly accounts? If we can’t change the how, what can we change? When? This is pretty fixed around month-end. But what about where? Is it possible to do your accounts in a fun space – one that you find inspiring and nurturing? Another option to consider is the way you approach them – if they’re all in a box and a lot of sorting out needs to be done, can you make it a game? If you’re competitive, try racing against yourself or finding a like-minded colleague who’ll compete with you. Also, introducing colour and light brings cheer to any situation, so sitting in a sunny room or organising bills according to a colour code (blue for banking, green for groceries etc.) can make a subtle but important difference.  Exercising our creativity is about doing things differently, in a way that will bring a bit of our own magic to everything we do. 

Creativity Quote
Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort – Franklin D. Roosevelt